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Hey everyone! I want to remind you all that I do offer divination services, I’ve been doing divination since I started my practice and it’s one of my main forms of witchcraft. Over 10 years of study!

Tarot, Scrying and Dice rolling! <— Click the link for more information!

But as Rumplestiltskin teaches us, everything comes with a price but this price is better then any deal he might give you!

So here’s the deal, I sadly really need the money right now do to my living situation, we can’t even currently make rent. So anyone who is willing to donate and purchase a reading, I will be giving a free readings out of equal value to the donation, or service. 

$10= 1 paid private reading(unless you don’t mind it being public) & 10 free tarot readings or 5 free scrying readings (possibly private) 

Sound fair? I think so. 

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