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And in contrast, observe Rose Tyler, BAMF, in promo stills for Series 1:

Firmly rooted. Looking straight at the camera. NOT smiling.  Even when Nine is guarding her with his body, she’s directly engaging with whatever they’re confronting. And sometimes she’s looking at the viewer, or the action, and Nine is looking at *her*.  She’s a force to be reckoned with.

I just want to point out the tag: “the oncoming patriarchy,” because its fucking hilarious.

Oh no! A change up in the demeanor of a character!
Is there really something wrong with showing the full spectrum of personalities that women can have or are we only allowed to be strong and independent and commanding?

Okay, previous companions (from modern Who) have been pretty independent and have continuously been portrayed as strong mentally, emotionally, and physically, not to mention petty commanding when need be. That is wonderful and all, but what is wrong with not being that way? From what ive seen of Clara she seems just as strong and competent as the other companions. Maybe not as commanding, but guess what? Not all women are and that is okay. She seems to have a silly flippant side to her that is contrasted by how incredibly smart she is.

Maybe I’m reading the tags wrong or misinterpreting what’s trying to be said here (mind, it is 4 in the morning) but just because the stance she takes in this photo is not one that commands attention like the Doctor’s, that doesn’t mean that there is some patriarchal heirarchy bull going on.

Maybe, just maybe, they wanted to show other kinds of personalities. …. or maybe that is how, wait for it this is novel, the actress wanted to pose! [Insert crazy gap of horror here] I know crazy, right?


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